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Carsley and Associates has several custom applications that solve specific business problems. Call us today and find out if they can help you! In addition to these custom systems, we also offer our premier off the shelf product QMS (Quality Management System). This software product has been in production use for nearly 10 years by corporations across the United States.


Our forefront product is QMS (Quality Management System). QMS is a comprehensive suite for quality assurance, originally designed for the metals industry. Today, it can be used in several industries such as metals, healthcare, manufacturing, or by any company in any industry that wants to:

  • Improve quality
  • Improve tracking, reporting, and management of quality issues easily!
  • Create a centralized quality management system with a proven workflow for the ENTIRE organization!
  • Standardize your entire organization on this 100% web based solution.
  • Track and report on Claims, External and Internal Rejects, Corrective Actions, Preventative Actions, Complaints.
  • Reduce corrective action timeframes by automated reminders to the correct employees with automated issue escalation if corrective actions are not being completed on time. This allows management to receive reminders if something ISN’T done, so they can MANAGE BY EXCEPTION! ...making their jobs easier and putting the work effort in the correct hands.
  • Reduce the amount of human effort to control quality
  • Become QS or ISO compliant
  • This system requires NO integration with existing systems. It can work as a stand alone product from day one! If you desire, we can also integrate it for automatic retrieval of order data or other data from your backend systems.
  • World wide usage is easily accomplished from this 100% web based MULTILINGUAL product!

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To get more information, click on one of the product logos above to view its dedicated website, or Contact Us now to discuss what these systems can do for you.

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