Logistics Industry Experience

Since we have many years’ experience in various industries including logistics, our customers rely on us to quickly understand their company’s unique business practices and utilize our expertise to determine where their system issues are and define optimal technology solutions to resolve those challenges! Our Agile approach and software engineering methodologies have allowed us to successfully define and effectively deliver appropriate solutions for our customers over the years.

When Towne Air needed EDI and Logistics ERP expertise, they turned to Carsley to dig in and understand their AS400 business system and the vast amount of specific business rules as it relates to Towne, layout the workflows, transactions as well as understand the rest of the business practices in other departments to get a big picture in order to define the most appropriate, least cost solutions to satisfy their challenges. That project went extremely well and we were asked back again to work with their team to help transition Towne systems to Forward Air during the merger. Carsley worked with all parties and companies, to coordinate, manage and deliver a rock solid transitional solution which made the EDI transition very smooth during the migration to Forward Air.

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