Steel Industry Experience

It's quite an impressive feat for a consulting company to gather more than two decades of experience in one highly specialized area, but we've done it. We found a niche in steel systems consulting early in our history and have filled a hole in the market ever since.

Steel is one of the major support beams in today's world economy. It fuels our expansion outward and upward, it protects us in our cars, it holds our homes together. At Carsley & Associates, we look forward to giving our full effort to improve the efficiency and profitability of our steel company customers.

We Have...

  • Had business in the steel industry for the past 20+ years
  • Accumulated savings in the millions of dollars for our steel company customers!
  • Completed design and development of custom business software solutions in these areas:
    • order to fulfillment ERP
    • supply chain and inventory management systems
    • business planning and forecasting systems
    • CRM systems
    • quality management and corrective action systems
    • Corporate web sites with B2B customer and vendor collaboration via web portals
    • many other 'point' solutions that solved specific business problems!
  • Provided consulting services and designed/implemented software systems for these fantastic companies:
    • Steel Warehouse Company
    • U.S. Steel Corporation
    • National Steel Corporation
    • Heidtman Steel
    • MST Steel
    • Scion Steel
    • Worthington Industries

Not only have we provided customized solutions to many major steel companies, but we have also crafted Supply Chain Inventory Management, Business Planning & Forecasting, CRM, and Quality Systems geared specifically for the steel processing industry! Our Quality Management System is an easy-to-use and very thorough tracking system for your Corrective Actions, Continuous Improvement projects, and more! Learn more about it on the product page.

We have also made available our trusted and robust online steel calculators that many of our customers utilize every day.

The Bottom Line

Our decades of experience speaks for itself...which allows us to "hit the ground running"!  We learn your existing systems quickly and are able to implement continuous improvement initiatives to save your staff time and be more efficient.  If you are in the steel or manufacturing industries, and need system improvements but do not have a lot of staff to dedicate to projects, we are the best choice with our proven track record! Contact us today!