Deployment Options

For your convenience, we offer two deployment models: you can either purchase a boxed QMS package to install on your own server, or your company can use the application through one of our servers for a low monthly fee.

Pricing and Deployment

Carsley and Associates offers two deployment models for the Quality Management System.

ASP Hosted *Self Hosted
We manage the servers for you, letting your IT group focus on more pressing issues. Your IT group manages the database and servers, giving you more control to customize and integrate with your backend systems.
Low monthly fees instead of a lump sum up front. A simple, one time payment.
No install time! We will install your dedicated instance on one of our servers. Install time varies; An experienced computer user can install QMS in less than one hour.
Updates automatically installed as available. Updates can be downloaded and installed manually. Administrators have control of when these are accomplished.
The reliability you expect - Guaranteed 99.5% uptime, redundant power, redundant connections, redundant off-site backup, we handle all system administration. Reliability varies depending on your environment; You are responsible for system administration.
Payment is per user per month. Users can be added or removed at any time. One permanent license must be bought per user.

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